Academic Day Seminars

ADS #5 – Infectious Diseases

During our clinical orientation week we were fortunate to have a great intro to peds ID (and ID in general). We were taught what Karen’s role as the antimicrobial stewardship pharmacist is, and how she works with her ID team to help ensure that patients are on appropriate therapy.

I particularly enjoyed this ADS as Karen showed us very useful resources of where to find ID guidelines and resources. Moreover, she explained the nuances between some of the guidelines (e.g. IDSA vs. red book etc.)

We were then able to tour the microbiology lab with the microbiologist. This was great to see because it really allowed me to see the “behind the scenes” work that happens when we order labs. The lab techs and the microbiologists explained how they check for C&S, and why they need certain blood volumes. We also saw a D-test in action, this was of particular interest to me, as it came up in my fourth year CAPS class, and I must admit I wasn’t sure I truly understood it, until after this microbiology tour!

Since this ADS, I feel like I have a better understanding of my microbiology lab results, especially with regards to why certain tests come back quicker than others!

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