Reflections on Residency & Learning

Women’s Health Reflection

An abbreviated one week rotation that flew by quicker than I could’ve imagined!

This was a wonderful rotation where even though our time was limited, I felt like I got a whirlwind of new information, great practice at the skills I begun to develop during clinical orientation plus a whole new type of unique patient population and all of the common conditions associated with it!

I was also fortunate to have the opportunity to present a topic discussion about nausea and vomiting in pregnancy and hyperemesis gravida.

See attached for my handout given to the residents on this topic.NVP and HG (handout)

I was also grateful for the discussion lead by my other peds residents (the perk of doing a rotation with four other residents!) and all the discussions were really interesting and helped make sense of some of the conditions I saw on the ward!

I learned a lot this week about medication safety, and pharmaceutics in pregnancy and lactation, as well as harm reduction and stabilization as I was on a unique ward that dealt with MFM and substance abuse.

I regret not being able to have an additional rotation in MFM, as I felt like I only scratched the surface on all the weird and wonderful things of the antepartum, postpartum world…but its off to the next rotation! Project week part 2! =)


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