Rotation Objectives

General Pediatrics Objectives

I am very excited, nervous and frankly eager to start my first 4-week clinical rotation. I’m looking forward to applying the nuggets of information I picked up in my clinical orientation and MFM weeks and building on my clinical skills.

My objectives for this rotation:

  1. Continue to build on my clinical and therapeutic process with a focus on strengthening my ability to justify recommendations and provide alternatives
  2. I want to develop a strategy on how to ensure that I follow-up with all my patients and begin to develop the ability to prioritize with that respect. (Especially since this is a longer rotation).
  3. I want to work on my monitoring parameters, to ensure that my follow-up process is thorough and efficient.
    • Specifically ensuring that my monitoring parameters are specific, measurable and identify what parameters are relevant to the patient’s care plan.
  4. Become familiar with common pediatric diseases and complications.
  5. To be involved in a patient interaction around admission or discharge to provide pharmaceutical care at these exceptionally important points of hospital care.

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