Academic Day Seminars

ADS – Immunizations

Last week, Roxane gave us a great refresher on immunizations and childhood vaccinations. My take home points had already come into practice within 1 day of the ADS (yay!) when we gave one of our patients her 2 month vaccinations, and the nursing team was wondering why there was two components to the infanrix.

Take away points:

  • Acetaminophen/ibuprofen is not shown to minimize injection pain when given prophylactically and should only be used post-injection if pain or fever occur.
  • Some great methods of minimize pain and distress to the child is to distract them (yay shiny things!). Examples include: breastfeeding or feeding them, toys, and bubbles (I saw this done on my ward!).
  • Infanrix is a two-component vaccine due to the stability of HiB with all the other vaccines. And thus it is available as a separate syringe that needs to be added to the vial and then redrawn out before administration.
  • Anti-vaxxers and vaccine hesitant are not one and the same. Vaccine hesitant families are often open to discussion and learning about vaccines and offer us as pharmacists the opportunities to educate them about the scientific literature surrounding vaccines.
  • Anti-vaxxers conversely are often resistant to receiving education by the medical team about the literature surrounding vaccines. They believe they have the education they desire about the topic and are more challenging (or near impossible) to dissuade.

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