Procedure Logs

C3.2 R5: Reconcile a patient’s medications on ADMISSION

ID: JE, 1 y/o male, weighing 9.6kg

PMHx: sickle cell (diagnosed at birth)

On pharmanet: Amoxicillin 62.5mg PO BID (=13.0mg/kg/day) and Salbutamol 100 mcg i puff Q4-6H PRN.

Due to JE’s pertinent medical history it was important to assess what the amoxicillin was for, and if he has received any over the counter medications that are for his sickle cell anemia.

The amoxicillin was for his sickle cell prophylaxis (side bar: this ended up being an interesting topic to research about!), but the appropriate dose is 20mg/kg/day. JE’s mom reported he was received vitamin D and folic acid, but that she has not given these in ~ 2 weeks. After receiving all this information I made a note to myself that on discharge to ensure that JE was discharged with the appropriate amoxicillin dose based on his weight (=20mg/kg/day). I also informed our dietician of the vitamin D and folic acid, and we providing counselling (at admission and discharge) about these OTCs and the importance of them in JE’s health, given his sickle cell anemia.

With regards to the Salbutamol, I discovered that he had not used it in several weeks (even upon presentation of wheezes – RAD), and so the use of this medication was explained to the family at discharge as well as at admission.


Reconciling the patient’s medication was exceptionally useful in this case, as it helped fill in gaps as to my patient’s care, and ensured that the care they received during their stay, and at discharge would be appropriate and offer the best care.

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