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C3.5 R2: Prepare and deliver educational seminar to pharmacists

My first reflection as a SOAP note…cause why not 🙂

ID: Me (Peds resident)

S: I was nervous for my first case presentation, and was beyond relieved as soon as it was over. Though I do not consider myself a terribly nervous public speaker, I still have nerves at ensuring that my presentation flows well, that I do not speak too quickly and that when Q&A comes up that I am able to answer the questions (and ideally with some confidence).

O: The overall presentation went well, I felt that I spoke quickly during the introduction of the patient, but was able to slow down to a pace that felt natural for the discussion of evidence and interpretation of the results.

A: I was really pleased with how my slides looked (loads of puns…just how I like it), and I received positive feedback about the slides from the pharmacists. They also commented that they appreciated that not all the information was on the slides, so as to keep them engaged. This is something that I plan to repeat in future presentations.

See attached for my presentation: Lactobacillus reuteri AAD 2

P: My plan for future case presentations is to continue to be well prepared and be aware of the evidence surrounding my topic, even if it doesn’t directly relate. To be certain of my answers when I respond to Q&A. Come prepared to know what my bottom line is, and be mindful that potential benefits and known risk make it challenging to recommend a product (such as probiotics in peds!).


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