Reflections on Residency & Learning

General Pediatrics Reflection

Gen Peds was by far the most rewarding four weeks of residency thus far. It was challenging at times, and may have required ice cream for cheering up, but I feel so much more prepared to take on my next clinical rotation!
During this rotation I tried to focus on being able to work up my patients and really apply the skills I picked up during MFM and clinical orientation. Some areas where I felt I made improvements included my monitoring plans, goals of therapy, patient presentation and some slight improvement in the therapeutic alternatives department. However some areas I feel like I will need to focus on for future rotations is my therapeutic alternatives and recommendations. I found it challenging to think big picture of what ALL the feasible options are, and why they are feasible, and why they are not my pick. This required coaching from my preceptor, however near the end of my rotation I became more self-aware of thinking of the alternatives and could rationalize some of the options, but still was unable to think of everything without prompting. This will be an area that I hope to focus on in future rotations.
With regards to doing my first journal club and case presentation, I was very fortunate to have a very supportive preceptor and supportive audience! I have reflected on these at:

During this rotation I was able to perform a myriad of procedure logs (with a huge thanks to my preceptor Sandy for being encouraging of this, and OK with all the evals she had to review!).

Finally one of the rewarding parts of this rotation beyond picking out what I need to work on for my therapeutic thought process, is all the amazing topic discussions I have been exposed to! I developed summary sheets for each topic discussion and I believe this will help me throughout rotation to ensure I remember these components of these diseases. During this rotation I became familiar with: asthma exacerbations and management, bronchiolitis, CAP, status epilepticus and urinary tract infections. Through working up my patients I was also exposed to: neonatal abstinence syndrome, sickle cell anemia, meningitis, sepsis and acetaminophen overdose.
This was a great rotation, and I am looking forward to building on my skills on my next clinical rotation!

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