Reflections on Residency & Learning

Drug Distribution Reflection

Drug distribution was a great way to learn all the intricacies of what happens before the medications get to patients on the ward. I was fortunate to learn from a great team, and was able to learn from the pharmacists, but the technicians as well.

During this rotation I became familiar with:

  • Entering and filling extemporaneous dosing
  • Entering and filling unit doses
  • Entering  control cabinet doses (e.g. omnicell)
  • When to clarify an order with the clinical pharmacist on the ward, the nurse, the unit clerk and the physician on-call.
  • I became familiar with many IV meds and the resources necessary to verify these doses: e.g. PDTM (BCCH and FH), BCCH CIVA chart, and pedmed (BCCH dosing guide book).
  • I became familiar with many resources such as Teddy book and Trissel’s for IV compatibility.
  • I became familiar with the workflow at BCCH, and became cognizant of which pharmacy technicians would be best suited to help me with a task (e.g. refilling omnicell = narc tech vs. an issue with cartfills = cartfill tech).

I really enjoyed myself on this rotation as I was able to familiarize myself with more of the pharmacy department (especially given that the majority of my rotations are at this site). I also really enjoyed learning from a variety of different pharmacists (with different experiences to share).

Though I am sure that I will need a refresher when I work in dispensary in the future, I feel much more comfortable with most orders and issues that come in!


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