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C3.3 R3: What “commitment to the profession” means personally

As I consider the phrase, “commitment to the profession”, I realize that it has implications in both my day-to-day activities as well as my overarching vision of myself and my place in society.

On a basic level, a commitment to the profession literally means to me a commitment to pharmacy. This to me goes beyond the distinctions of which field I chose to work in (or which rotation I am on), but rather encompasses a commitment to the fundamentals of pharmacy and pharmacists. Providing exemplary patient care. To me this means that as a pharmacist I am advocating for my patient in an interdisciplinary setting (e.g. in rounds), in leadership discussions (e.g. ensuring clinical services meet the demand of patients) and ensuring that as “drug experts” the patient’s medication is being well-managed. Advocating for patients and patient groups must taken into account our role as pharmacists to create and build these relationships with patients and patient groups to ensure that we best capture their goals, values and desires in the scheme of their receipt of healthcare.

On a personal level it involves exemplifying what pharmacy means to me both in my personal and professional life. To me this entails being professional, ethical and acting within my scope. Professionalism to me can be exemplified by being a productive member of the healthcare team. To me that includes being directly involved in patient care decision making, patient care interactions, making administrative decisions and creating relationships within the health care team. Ethics are an integral component of being committed to the profession, if I am deemed unethical in one setting of my life (even if it is outside of pharmacy) this might influence the way I am perceived in my role as a pharmacist. Lastly, acting within my scope ensures that I am accountable for my actions. An example of this is ensuring that when in a social setting if I am asked about healthcare advice outside of my scope that I address that it is not something I am able to answer, and provide referrals to where those answers can be answered.

Lastly as the statement indicates, a commitment to the profession to me means being passionate about the profession . This can be manifested in a variety of ways, but to me, means inspiring and encouraging prospective students to consider pharmacy. Advocating for the importance of pharmacy to friends and family when appropriate. Overall it is showing a genuine enthusiasm about pharmacy (that is hopefully infectious for others!).

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