Reflections on Residency & Learning

Leadership Reflection

This week I had the privilege of shadowing Keith McDonald to begin to understand the duties of the LMPS directors.

A majority of the week involved sitting in on meetings regarding a variety of topics including new clinical services projects, clinical systems transformation, accreditation, finance/budget meetings. From these meetings I gathered that the LMPS director’s involvement is  to help guide the project and offer practical suggestions, offer concerns and ensure that pharmacy’s stake in that project is advocated for. From a personal learning standpoint I learned some key aspects on what makes a meeting work well and what causes it to derail. I found meeting agendas were very much a staple of all the meetings and were adhered to diligently. As an attendee with little background knowledge of the topics being discussed this was highly appreciated and helped guide the meeting. As a side note, the agendas that were offered electronically with imbedded links to pdfs/powerpoints were very useful and I foresee myself implementing this (should I ever need to be involved in a meeting of sorts).

During this rotation I completed a mini-project learning about ADKAR in the context of some of the projects under Keith’s portfolio.

I also completed a budget exercise to learn about budgeting from the standpoint of LMPS. I was given $18,000,000 to distribute amongst 5 sites with an average of 300 beds each distributed amongst ICU, general wards and residential care. Upon my first draft of my budget I was able to make all the #s add up and be within budget. However, upon discussion with my preceptor, I was made aware of the “hidden” additional costs I had not taken into account, e.g. 23% (on the low end) for benefits (including extended health, CPP, EI, etc.) and 14% (on the low end) for sick/vacation pay. When I had to incorporate these two additional costs I was still able to meet the budget, but had to make some unrealistic changes to my model. These included only one administrative assistant amongst all 5 sites (which if that was reality, would likely either remain vacant or have an obscenely high turnover rate), and docking my own pay as the executive director by $50,000 to make the budget balance.

This was an interesting rotation to see the effects of decision making at the higher level and to reflect on how for me as an end-user (as a pharmacy resident) these decisions are seen on the “ground level.”


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