Rotation Objectives

NICU Objectives

My second clinical rotation is upcoming, and I am excited to return to Surrey Memorial for it! I am also excited to delve right into critical care with NICU. As this will be completely new conditions that I haven’t encountered before, I am excited to see how my thought process that I have developed so far will help balance out the huge knowledge gap. My objectives for this rotation:

  1. Focus on alternatives before coming up with my recommendation
  2. Think thoroughly of my alternatives – at least several reasons of why or why not they are feasible for my patient
  3. Become more specific with regards to monitoring, and continue practicing head-to-toe monitoring plans
  4. Continue building on my pediatric (and neonatal) knowledge base by learning about a variety of neonatal conditions
  5. Continue presenting work-ups in a systematic and thorough manner and fine tune any issues in anticipation of oral exams.
  6. To complete several PK procedure logs for gentamicin and vancomycin levels

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