Procedure Logs

C3.5 R2: Prepare and deliver educational seminar to nurses, physicians or other allied health care members

During my NICU rotation I had the opportunity to work-up a patient with neonatal abstinence syndrome. The care of this patient, brought up several questions regarding NAS medications by the nurses, which prompted me to decide to offer an NAS in-service.

This was my first in-service provided, and it was very interesting! I had the opportunity to present, not once, but individual times to ensure that I spoke with the majority of the NICU nurses on all of the NICU pods (mini-wards).

Some things I learned after doing this in-service:

  1. Try to keep the audience engaged by doing demonstrations (e.g. how to make phenobarb to administer for neonates), asking questions after a section (e.g. why do you think we wait 30 minutes before reassessing if the patient needs a breakthrough dose of morphine), and pausing in between sections to see if my audience has any questions (and thereby giving them some time to digest the information)
  2. To tailor my in-service based on which nurses are there (are they new? students? really experienced? easily distracted?) if they were newer or student nurses I tried to emphasize some of the aspects of NAS that they likely never have dealt with (e.g. the modified finnegan scoring sheet, to distribute a methadone mom’s breastmilk consistently over the day)
  3. To be mindful of the time – the nurses are still in charge of their patients and their care, so it was especially important for me to give them a digestable amount of information in a quick amount of time so as not to take them away from their patients for too long (15 minutes felt most appropriate).
  4. Handouts work! – The nurses were very appreciative of the one pager handout that they could add to their own resources and refer to at a later date.

Please see for my handout: Nursing in-service: Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

I believe I will have an in-service opportunity in my next rotation and look forward to apply what I have learned!


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