Procedure Logs

C3.5 R3(b): Demonstrate skill in the MODELING form of practice-based teaching

This week my TMP-SMX mentee came to shadow me in my Child and Adolescent Psych rotation. My goal in joining the TMP-SMX program was to encourage my mentee to come shadow on each and every one of my rotation (with preceptor approval of course). I have thus far been successful in my goal, as she has come to shadow me in drug distribution and NICU.

During this particular shadow, I was able to bring her to rounds. In order to ensure she got the best out of this shadowing day, I tried to show her how I prepare for rounds and what questions I try to anticipate, so that during rounds I am prepared. We luckily had a new patient to work up in our psych emerg, so I showed her where we gather all the information (powerchart, medinet/pharmanet, previous admission notes, etc.). I then showed her the workup form we use and showed her how I filled it out. During rounds some of the questions we anticipated came up and I fielded them for my patients. After rounds we discussed how our preparation was essential for us to be successful members of the team. I explained which aspects of rounds are important for us from the pharmacy perspective, as there are often a lot of psychosocial issues that arise that are sometimes not pertinent to her pharmaceutical care.

During this shadowing I attempted to model what a good clinical pharmacist does, by being prepared for rounds, participating actively in rounds and advocating for my patient’s best interests.

My TMP-SMX mentee seemed to really enjoy rounds and the work that goes into it!

We luckily also had a case presentation to attend while she was shadowing and I modelled how to be a good audience member for these by asking questions and taking notes during my co-resident’s presentation. I am glad she had the opportunity to see a range of residency activities beyond direct patient care.

In future shadowing sessions, I hope to utilize a coaching method for practice-based teaching and compare how it differs.

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