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C3.5 R2: Prepare and deliver educational seminar to pharmacists

This was my first time presenting at BCCH in residency for a case presentation and it was a great learning experience! I was fortunate to have a large crowd join, which included my co-learner, a psychiatry fellow (who has been on rotation with me).

I presented on the use of guanfacine XR as adjunctive therapy to psychostimulants in ADHD. This was inspired by a case that I was heavily involved in, with many curveballs, and as my preceptor said was a bit of a moving target. It was particularly interesting as I had a patient/family meeting with the family and psychiatrist minutes before I was due to present my case presentation with more medication decisions.

With regards to the case presentation itself, I was more nervous than in previous ones, and this was reflected by one audience member who has seen me present numerous times (though luckily, most others did not notice, and thought I was very confident). Reflecting on why, I believe it is largely to due to my inexperience with the MANY scoring tools and diagnostic elements I had to present on ADHD. As a result of my inexperience and anxiety around these scoring tools, I did not present them thoroughly which was a common theme in feedback received. For future presentations, with similar challenges, I hope to create a cheat sheet/handout with descriptions (in this case,of all the different scoring tools) to supplement my presentation and ensure that I do not feel as much nervousness.

I felt well prepared with regards to the topic and the therapeutic question and controversy discussed, and this lend itself well as I was able to answer questions thoughtfully and confidently.

Please see attached for my slides: Guanfacine XR + Stimulants in ADHD


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