Reflections on Residency & Learning

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Reflection

Another rotation down the hatchet! Child & Adolescent Psychiatry was an interesting and unique rotation, largely due to the role of the pharmacist. At BCCH there is one clinical pharmacist (my preceptor) who is very involved in three different wards (P1, P2 and CAPE). On top of that there is a constant milieu of drug info requests that come in daily. This allowed me to be exposed to a variety of medical conditions and patient populations. In P1, a 4 week (ish) day-stay program for those under 12, I was privy to attend rounds weekly, and follow my patients closely. In P2, a 4 week (ish) in-stay program for adolescents, I was involved closely and followed many of the patients. It was interesting in these two wards to see not only the heavy involvement of the pharmacist, but also behavioural therapy. CAPE which is Child Adolescent Psychiatric Emergency unit, which is essentially an emerg visit for psych related admissions that typically has a quick turn-around time. My favourite part of this rotation was CAPE and all the drug info requests. I really enjoyed the pace for both, and the large involvement of pharmacy.

In terms of knowledge I gained a great understanding of child and adolescent psych with special regards to anxiety, depression, OCD, ODD (oppositional defiant disorder), autism spectrum disorder (ASD), bipolar disorder, psychosis/schizophrenia, and ADHD. It was interesting to learn about the topics (which I have previously been taught about in adults) with a pediatric focus. My preceptor had a wealth of references available to provide evidence for the practice of these conditions.

This was a really interesting rotation which has made me strongly consider working in this field in my future!


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