Rotation Objectives

Infectious Disease Objectives

I am excited for this rotation as I find that in almost all of my rotations antimicrobial stewardship and infectious disease comes up! I look forward to working through my thought process and as mentioned above adapting to the needs for the ID/AMS service. I am excited to practice my patient presentation skills and continue being thorough in my patient work up.

My rotation specific goals include:

  1. Present patients in a thorough systematic way to preceptor (and/or co-resident) (ideally at least once a week)
  2. Become well versed in ID specific literature and resources
  3. Be involved in rounds and consultations to other healthcare teams
  4. Be an active co-learner with my co-resident Shelby, this will be my first rotation paired with a pharmacy resident (previously paired with an R6/fellow for psychiatry), so it should be a great learning opportunity
  5. Continue to work on my therapeutic alternative rationale and thought process


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