Reflections on Residency & Learning

Infectious Disease Reflection

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Last rotation of 2016! This one definitely challenged me, I did not feel nearly as competent as I thought, wished, hoped, prayed I would be by week 4. But these challenges didn’t come without their own rewards. Firstly I feel like I am slowly getting a better working knowledge of antimicrobials and their coverage. Secondly, I got a better understanding of antifungals and febrile neutropenia (which should hopefully be useful in time for my next rotation in oncology). This rotation was very different in the sense that I had to focus only on the ID issues – this was a more pronounced change for me than I thought it would be. Subsequently I could no longer rely on my usual method of working up patients to gather all my information – and this resulted in a few hiccups. But now, I feel like I am no longer passively acquiring information, but actively searching for bits of info in order to make a decision about my patient’s care. A few things that worked well for me were to do a mini-work up before looking at the chart/patient’s info to think: what do I actually wanna find right now to help me make a decision. I also worked well with to-do lists and hope to incorporate this into my work-up form directly so that I’m more organized.

This was a great rotation that challenged the way I worked up patients and subsequently resulted in me feeling much more able for my next rotation!


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