Academic Day Seminars

ADS – Intro to Precepting

This was a lecture that very much repeated many of the ideas that were brought up during my teaching rotation. Some ideas for good precepting:

  • Find out your learner’s interests – e.g. if they only care about community try to incorporate more continuity of care tasks
  • Orientate them to the ward, to colleagues, pharmacy, etc.
  • Review learning objectives (both their own and those set by their program)
  • Ensure IT doesn’t become an issue: badges, comp logins, etc.
  • Asking your student for consistent feedback to ensure your learning and teaching styles match
  • Establishing boundaries, expectations, etc.
  • How & when you are going to touch base with them re their feedback and how they’ll be “graded”
  • Open ended Qs allow you to assess the student’s thought process and offers a better discussion, stimulates critical thinking
  • Develop plans/action items from feedback so that the learner can improve on it for the next time

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