Rotation Objectives

PICU rotation objectives

I am looking forward to a month long of intensive care and intensive thought process growth. Having had a few PICU patients in my previous rotation (ID), I am looking forward to following these patients more comprehensively. I hope to be able to develop my thought process further in this upcoming month…especially since it will be my first go at the oral exam.

My rotation specific goals include:

  1. To create an appropriate treatment and monitoring plan for critically ill patients with fluid, electrolyte disturbances, and acid/base disorders
  2. To compare and contrast the commonly used vasopressors in regards to their pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and toxicities, as well as their role in the treatment of critically ill patients.
  3. To be able to describe the effect of drug deposition and PK in plasmapheresis and dialysis

My thought process specific goals:

  • To be thorough in my thought process with a focus on therapeutic alternatives.
  • To be able to proficiently prioritize DTPs and patients in a rapidly changing critical care area
  • To ensure my follow up of my patients is systematic and thorough (and to potentially try some new monitoring forms to aid with this)

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