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C3.5 R2: Prepare and deliver educational seminar to pharmacists

Today I presented an interesting case about caffeine for post-dural headaches for an oncology patient. In terms of the presentation itself I thought it went fairly well. One thing I have been working on is to slow down my pace and I felt that for this presentation I was successful at speaking at a slower pace to allow my readers time to digest the data I was presenting. Moreover, I tried to keep a slightly more informal tone to try something new. As pediatric residents we are privileged to present to the same pharmacists frequently so I felt fairly comfortable in being more informal with them.

Some things that did not go well… implying that computers were not utilized in 1990… I had originally meant to say that randomization was likely not computer generated…but my message got muddled up and I was subsequently embarrassed … though it did make for a funny moment.

From building the presentation this was my first time having such an independent go at it. I had my co-resident review my slides the day of, but did not feel the need to have my preceptor review it. This was a great boost in my confidence in being able to create effective presentations independently.


See my presentation: caffeine-presentation


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