Reflections on Residency & Learning

Oncology Reflection

This month has been an interesting one. I was relieved that I was paired with my co-resident as we engaged in a lot of self-directed learning and co-teaching! We did not have many formal topic discussions so Shelby and I conducted our own with one another. We taught each other about ALL, AML, the use of G-CSF and monoclonal antibodies in pediatric oncology. We also spoke with our preceptor about late effects of chemo and GVHD.

This month I learned about some great resources about oncology meds such as the cancer drug manual, and the nuances of early/late onset ADRs and when to expect nadirs of different myelosuppression.

In terms of activities during this rotation, Shelby and I took the initiative to do an antibiotic & misc. med teaching to the MSIs on our service as they had not had this experience in previous rotations. We also invited the OEE students on site to join us and it created a very friendly and good learning environment as the learners had different background of knowledge. We found that this was a great teaching experience for us. For myself personally I was pleasantly surprised by what clinical pearls I’ve picked up this year and could share with the group.

I am REALLY looking forward to moving on from this rotation to PICU! I did not feel like I had the greatest opportunity to work up patients and though I did still try to do this on my own, I am looking forward to honing my thought process with guidance and feedback from my preceptors.


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