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C3.5 R2: Prepare and deliver educational seminar to pharmacists

In PICU I had the opportunity to follow a very interesting patient who was being treated for seizure prophylaxis as per our protocol with levetiracetam following a traumatic brain injury. When I was assessing his meds I tried to not be distracted/swayed by the fact that levetiracetam was on our PPO, but rather consider why it was being used? Especially since I was always under the impression that phenytoin is our drug of choice for seizure prophylaxis in pediatrics. Inspector gadgetSo this interesting clinical question became the focus of my case presentation for PICU.

For this presentation I received a lot of encouragement to really showcase my thought process through my slides. In order to be successful at this I denoted exactly what my thoughts were as I approach this question. What do we do in peds? adults? and why? What is my comparator? Why not any other anti-epileptics? What are my goals for my patient?

By doing this  I was able to create a presentation where I received a lot of feedback that it flowed well and that people could really see my thought process as I presented (yay!). Overall this was a very interesting case and I will likely present on it again for my BC-wide case presentation in April. Hopefully by then I will have thought of a witty (read: dorky) title to match the theme of all my presentations. 🙂

See attached for my case presentation: Levetiracetam Seizure Prophylaxis



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