Reflections on Residency & Learning

Cystic Fibrosis Reflection

This was a very interesting month with Eva. I had been so excited for this rotation (since before residency) – largely because of my previous exposure to CF. This rotation was interesting for numerous reasons. Firstly, it was my first rotation with an outpatient component and I really enjoyed this. It was kind of like a hybrid of community and hospital pharmacy – the best parts of both in my opinion. On my first clinic day I sat with one patient as the different healthcare professionals rotated through, which was a very valuable experience, to be able to better appreciate the role of the med residents, respirologists, social work, dietician, physiotherapist and nurses. Early on in this rotation I felt like I hit my stride and was able to compartmentalize all the intricacies of the CF patients and all their comorbidities. This was beneficial as I was able to take on a larger patient load during clinic without feeling overwhelmed. Unfortunately I only had two inpatient admits during my entire rotation – which lead to a more topic heavy discussion rotation. However, I still felt like I could really polish off certain aspects of my thought process. Specifically, since CF is such a unique population I felt like I learned how to adapt certain elements of my thought process based on the patient population. All in all, another great rotation done! 🙂


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