Reflections on Residency & Learning

End of Residency Reflection

What a year… it was the longest and shortest year filled with the most happy and less than happy days. Long commutes and short commutes (yay for DPIC). Fun and challenging rotations and some really dedicated preceptors. This was an exceptionally rewarding year. I genuinely feel like I am able to tackle so many more pharmaceutical problems after all the knowledge and tools/tricks I’ve learned this year. I am beyond grateful for the unbelievable preceptors I’ve had this year and the overall support from mentors, preceptors, residency and clinical coordinators, everyone! It made the year so enjoyable! This year has made me appreciate how much more there is to learn and I’m excited to gain some clinical experience and exercise my thought process muscles everyday.

Now begs the question would I do it all again? The long evenings trying to remember which antibiotics are time vs concentration dependent, doing my millionth and one edit of some presentation/project/journal club. The office shenangians with the peds residents and the various visitors we had, the late night texts with other residents commiserating or sharing our happiness when a daunting task was done. Yeah all in all, yeah I would do it again (but maybe not right away haha).

Le fin.


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